Display Conversion Technology

CKS Conversion Solution converts any CRT tube display to a new LCD panel seamlessly. This service allows defective CRT display products to be installed in vehicles, yachts, boats, furniture, gaming or other machines to be operational again and utilizing high-definition energy-efficient LCD panels. Our research lab in Asia can support any minor modification.

  • Switch from conventional CRT display to LCD
  • Replacement for old CRT screen
  • Obsolete CRT, non-working CRT Replacement to LCD
  • Extend lifespan of your products equipped with CRT monitor
  • Less weight, less energy consumption
  • Support for self-measuring & installation or
  • Full technical service for Measurement to Installation available

Universal solution for the replacement of the medical CRT monitors. LCD displays provide excellent image quality and enhanced performance with easy installation for any medical modality CRT replacement in the market.

LCD displays are an excellent solution for medical CRT replacement. This display is compatible with Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, Mobile C-Arm, Computed Radiography (CR), PET Scanner, and Nuclear Medicine applications.

You can replace displays for equipment such as GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Motorola, Philips, HP 1348, Motorola R-2000.

CRT Gaming Display / CRT video game / CRT Casino Display / CRT Nautical Vessel or Maritime CRT / CRT Navigational Display / CRT Medical Display / CRT Machine Display Replacement / CRT Spectrum Analyzer Display / CRT CNC machine Monitor Etc.

* Measurement of current CRT unit and installation of new LCD unit. Customers can choose either CKS's technician visitations or self-measuring/self-installation (some understanding of electrics are necessary)

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