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CKS Sourcing and Procurement Division

It is recognized that we have now become a global society, "it is a small world" has become a common catch phrase for many of us, it is true our worldwide communication, travel and interaction has become much more efficient because of technological innovations. Much of this technology was developed and originated in Asia. While we can acknowledge that in many ways we are a "small world" society but in other ways it can be very difficult to cooperate with different cultures and companies abroad to identify products or services that are needed by you, there are many different languages, law's, custom's, practices, and products that we are not aware of, but there many opportunities that are going un-noticed.

In November 2010, CKS Solution Inc. launched its electronic parts, services, products and display sourcing and procurement division in Seoul Korea. We aim to assist our customers and future customers by providing parts sourcing and supplier identification, manufacturing assistance and SKD related products and services. In today's business climate it is essential for a company to provide quality products at very affordable prices, CKS Solution aims to be your partner for such services, please give us some time to show you the global opportunities that await you and how we can not only help you reduce costs but also improve your product's quality and customer satisfaction. Let us help you to truly make the world a smaller place.

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