Force Power Saver Module

VX6-OS (T8 LED Tube Light)

VX3.01-OS (T8 LED Tube Light)

CG8-DO (T8 LED Tube Light)

V6100 (High Bay and Low Bay Light)

HB140W (High Bay) - LED Area Light

S7060C (Canopy Light)

V6300 (High Output Area Light)

V6100 (Area Light V6000 Series)


3.5 inch

RD3-830-U30-15W (inch led dimmable downlight spot)

RDL-M16AA (Recessed Down Light Fixture)

4.5 inch

RDL-A60AA (Recessed Down Light Fixture)

5 inch

RD5-830-U80-15W (Dimmable LED Downlight Flood)

RD5-830-U80-15W (Dimmable LED Downlight Spot)

6 inch

RDL-P30AA (Recessed Down Light Fixture)

7 inch

RD7-830-U80-22W (Dimmable LED Downlight Flood)


RWS-860-U80-30W (LED Spotlight)


ST20-740-U120 (Slim LED Panel Light 300)

ST50-740-U120 (Slim Panel Light 595)


RSD6-730-U80-10W (Square LED Recessed Downlight)

GU5W-830-230GU10-D (Dimmable LED Spot Light)

MR6W-830-12G53 (LED Spot Light)

PAR167W-830-230GU10 (Dimmable LED Spot Light)

MR6W-830-12G53 (Dimmable MR16 LED Spotlight)

PAR309W-830-230E27 (LED Flood Light)

PAR3813W-830-230E27 (LED Flood Light)

SA-360-CM-P1 (PIR Standalone 360 Degree)

SA-180WM-P3 (PIR Standalone 140 Degree)

S7000 (System and Multifunction Light)

SLM5100 (LED Street Light)

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