LED Lighting

Leasing/Financing Program for the conversion to LED Lighting

Just a few benefits of converting your existing lights to LED are as follows:

  • Replaces existing inefficient lighting with NO to LOW up-front costs
  • Long Lasting lifespan, significantly reduces maintenance cycles and costs
  • Energy Efficient, Cost Saving, Environmentally Responsible, Very Affordable
  • In most cases the monthly lease payment is covered by a portion of energy savings
  • After lease term is fulfilled, Customers keep LED bulbs and 100% of energy savings
  • For those who qualify, tax rebate and utility KWH rate reduction information is provided

Contact : 1-513-947-1277 x104 / LED@ckssolution.com

*All rebates and rate reduction incentives are provided by the government and utility service provider for a limited time only.

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