Energy Saving Module

CKS Force Energy Saving Module reduces your electrical bills dramatically by enhancing efficiency within electrical system with no undesirable side-effects. By providing more stable highly-efficient electrical power to your equipment and devices CKS Energy Saving Module will improve their operating lifetime. Please see just some of the exciting features of our Energy Saving Module below:

  • Broadly applied throughout electrical system
  • Excellent power savings results (average 5%~20%)
  • Reduces and absorbs harmful free electrons
  • Reduces Heat, Noise, and vibration that are associated with other energy reduction boxes
  • Ensures highest safety with parallel installation
  • Provides surplus negative electrons to electrical system to reduce loss of electrons.
  • Minimizes electric waste by reducing impedance.
  • Minimizes electron loss by controlling the harmonic distortion and high frequency of existing electrical system.
  • Finance and savings sharing plans are available.
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Tourmaline use in reducing Harmonic Distortion Modern electricity possesses several conditions which may cause it to be wasted, inefficient and even harmful to the equipment it is connected to, and it can even lead to costly power outages. These conditions cannot be seen with the naked eye until equipment failure or power outages occur, but they nevertheless have a substantial negative impact on our utility bills. Historically these conditions are known as power loss, impedance, resonance, low power factor, resistance and most recently Harmonic Distortion. As we become more reliant on low energy consuming electronic equipment such as LED's, VFD's, laptops, PLC's, inverters, rectifiers, LCD TV's, heat pumps, generators etc. we are in turn creating higher levels of Harmonic Distortion. Harmonic Distortion creates compromised sine ways which cause energy waste, excess heat in motors, equipment failure and transformer overloads. Since 1880 inventors such as Pierre Curie discovered that Tourmaline was piezoelectric and was been proven to introduce a current waveform which substantially reduces levels of current Harmonic Distortion, which allows equipment to receive the quality of power that it was designed for. The application of Tourmaline can have an effect which is similar to an Harmonic Distortion Filter. The use of Tourmaline will improve the efficiency of your equipment in a way that is similar to putting high quality gasoline into your car, versus poor quality gasoline.

Energy Saving Module References

  • Spain
  • Cooling Warehouse
  • Capacity : 1000kw
  • Efficiency rate : 7.28%
  • Mexico
  • Water filtering factory
  • Capacity : 800 kw
  • Efficiency rate : 19.81%
Kwandong Chochin Mobile Base Station
Kwandong Chochin Mobile Base Station
  • China
  • Capacity : 10kw per each switching box (3 phase AC).
  • Efficiency rate : 14.6 %
Hanyang University
Hanyang University
  • Korea
  • Office Building
  • Jun. 2008
  • Capacity : 1000kw ( 500kw+500kw )
  • Efficiency rate : 9.02 %
Shinhan Bank
Shinhan Bank
  • Korea
  • Financial Office Building
  • Capacity : 750kw
  • Efficiency rate : 12.31 %
Jungdock National Library
Jungdock National Library
  • Korea
  • Library
  • Capacity : 700kw
  • Efficiency rate: 7.02%
Yongsan Hyundai I'PARK Mall
Yongsan Hyundai I'PARK Mall
  • Korea
  • Shopping mall
  • Capacity : 1,000kva
  • Efficiency rate: 18.59%

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